Saturday, February 10, 2007


One of my dreams is to have a house on the beach in future.

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However, a dream might or might not come true.

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All what we have to do is try to pursue our dream.

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We may face a lot's of tides throughout our life.

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(Jumeira Beach)

However, HappYness is the state of feeling you get once your dream has come true.

If your life was too sweet all the way since the begining, then you might not endure the true feeling of HappYness.

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(Dairy Queen's New Brownie Oreo Earthquake)

P.S. I know the correct spelling is like this: Happiness :) The altered word is inspired by the movie.


Laila said...

this is amazing..

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

its one of my dreams too.. and num num 3al oreo earthquake!

Jood said...

malkom kolkom 3al happyness :mal5oom:
bardo mo `3ala6 :rgs: sho fe a7la mn eno el wa7ad yekon sa3eed :yai:

O said...

ooo you went to that beach area, mashalla the houses are soo nice!

Bas lazim te7shor il akel bil mawdoo3 ya faj3an, sa7?=p

vagueraz said...

hope ur dream become true :)
hope visit my blog

The Mo said...

Yes indeed :D
Thanks for passing by :)

Cool, hope it becomes true one days :p
Hhmmmm *Homer drooling* :D

:mal5oom aktar mennek:
exactly :rgs:
thanks =)

Ya, very nice beach and nice houses, I regreted that didn't have my swimming shorts!! Probably next week :rgs:
Yes lazem el akel :ag:
The picture is just to resembble how life could be just too sweet for some, therefore, can't really have a touch of what the opposite means, hence can't feel the switch from bad to good :)
Hope the picture is clear Mr. O :ag:
& Thanks ;)

in sha2 ALLAH
All your dreams too :)
I will :rgs:

Anonymous said...

well I dont like sea nor peaches.. My dream house is sth small in the middle of nothing :)

I have sort of sea phobia since i was a child..

I want ice cream but without oreos :sad:

mo i like your eye in photos.. u r an artist :)

The Mo said...


:eeek: I was just reading "My copy in work" & holding my laugh infront of my boss :D

Nice idea, also having a house in a secluded area got its casualities :rgs:

Sea phobia :sofera:

Ice cream only with Oreos :p

thanks, although still too early to become one :yai:

Shokrannnnn :hat:

Mnosh said...

beach, sea, beach house = romantic :)

7elew keef bte3ml elsowar takmele llklimat ;)

The Mo said...

Ya a7la shee 3ala el ba7ar :)

Thanks...A picture can talk a lot :D


Moey said...

nice shits, dubai is cool

The Mo said...

Moey yup! But at an expense ;)