Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mo Sky Diving! Wohooo

At last I went Sky Diving...
The most extreme activity so far in my list...
Willing to repeat it again...
Click Here to watch the Video on YouTube

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thailand in the eyes of Mo

Sorry for not being able to post lately
Hope you enjoy the pictures from Thailand where I spent 9 days part of the Eid holiday and my annual vacation
And since their are a lot of pictures, I will divide them in sets (they are many too) :D
I will put one set a day
Here is the first set

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Trip To India! Part ONE

Bangalore, India...

That was the destination of my 5 day business/tourism trip...

Had a nice dinner the first night in an Afghani restaurant

The next day headed for work in a nice & calm area

While on the way to work, you would see many weird scenes one of which is a cow in the middle of the street

Another scene, would be a man urinating in the street...

A common one, is untouched dogs

However, the weather was amazing...

Although it is the monsoon season and there was heavy rain for few hours each day

Their chefs are ones of the best

And the restaurants are well designed

Hospitality is everywhere

And here we suddenly passed by a "Waleema" for a Muslim wedding

Below is a net above the ground floor so that if kids jump from any floor in the mall, they would fall unharmed

Ayub who used to take us around in the famous "auto" car

Banana's in the truck

A Toyota corolla would be considered something rare & only well off people can afford it

Greenery is spread all around the city & its respective streets

A woman opening her side street shop in the morning

Something written in one of their 100 languages on grass, they are creative huh

Selling fruits on the side of the street just like Jordan.

Pay & Use public bathrooms

One of their most famous local restaurants

Selling corn in the street

And nice looking fruits, although it didn't taste good at the hotel

And here is a nice shop in a famous road over there

The Ambassador is one of the most famous cars there

Some shopping, since stuff that are locally made are cheaper...

A fountain in front of the hotel

The picture speaks by itself

A Pepsi advertisement

People chilling in the streets

Streets are the British way

An area where the aristocrats live

The air breeze is just amazing

A Mosque

A Church

McDo there

A packed bus

Another shopping day

Swimming pool in the hotel

View from my room *EDITED* (HDR Effect)

By the pool

Too cold to sun tan

Major form of transportation

The start of the Lablagh park

Some ducks

A lake filled with plants

Paradise on earth

Amazing greenery

Two trees & a palm

A bird

A very old huge tree

The roots of the same old tree

Flowers & Plants

Will continue with the rest later, too tired, I took 400++ pictures :D

Hope you like them all

Learned a lot about the indian culture in those 5 days

In every culture/country there is the good/nice and the bad/ugly...